Tired of expensive hard cover books without maps? …and frustrated with the maps you got?

We wanted a map pack that acted like an expansion.


BUT! It has to be really affordable, and has so much fun built into it that we would look for excuses to get together and enjoy it. So we created Game Night map packs.

Game Night packs are collections of maps, illustrated by veteran game artist Gary Simpson. Using modern level design these maps provide gorgeous backdrops for your game. Across tons of different RPG genres.

These packs are a complete rethink of what a map pack can be.

What else?

  • Cheaper than module
  • No expensive shipping
  • Great hour to dollar ratio
  • Prep in < 15 minutes
  • Amazing for sidetreks
  • Stack maps for mega-dungeons

Game Night Origin

Game Night started when we set up a game where co-workers took turns playing short adventures until the lunch hour was up. It was dubbed “the lunch hour” and was filled with bad ass stories made & played under an hour.

Over the next months, the group of players grew. We perfected a few rules, making it easier for a new player to run his/her first adventure. Hundreds of lunches later, and here we are sharing what gave us hours of gaming goodness.

We changed the name to Game Night and this is our invite to you. Everything in these packs has been play tested fun, and improved for a bigger audience. What’s next? Your Game Night!

Download Game Night Packs media kit (8 MB)